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West Los Angeles

West Los Angeles is a neighborhood within the Westside. Its exact boundaries are not clearly defined, and vary according to the source.

The West Los Angeles – Sawtelle Neighborhood Council covers the area bordered by Wilshire Boulevard to the north, the 10 Freeway to the south, the 405 Freeway to the east, and the city of Santa Monica to the west.

Other sources show West LA to include this territory plus the area across the I-405, bordered by Rancho Park and Century City to the east.

The LA Times’ Mapping Project shows West LA as being confined to an area east of the I-405, bordered by the South Beverly Glen Boulevard to the east, the West Pico Boulevard to the south, the Sepulveda Boulevard to the east, and the Santa Monica Boulevard to the north.

Despite the ambiguity on the exact boundaries of West LA, everyone agrees that it is ideally located in the heart of Los Angeles’ Westside, surrounded by the cities of Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, the beach, and the Santa Monica Mountains.

West LA offers a refreshingly low-key lifestyle compared to its more high profile neighbors. It’s an ideal neighborhood for families, with excellent schools, peaceful residential communities, and commercial developments offering convenient urban amenities. There are also plenty of employment and business opportunities within the area and in neighboring cities.

Fast Facts

  • According to the West Los Angeles Community Police website, the West LA population is over 228,000.
  • The neighborhood has a diverse population engaged in various trades and industries, including the business, cultural, recreational, entertainment and educational sectors.
  • The western part of West LA is covered by the West Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, while the eastern part is represented by the Westside Neighborhood Council, along with Century City, Cheviot Hills and Rancho Park.
  • The median household income in Westside Los Angeles is $74,433 (as of the latest Census figures), about 1.5x that of the city of Los Angeles as a whole.
  • Residents’ median age is around 38 years.
  • West LA is widely accepted to include the neighborhood of Sawtelle, which is known for its rich Japanese-American heritage, and the popular Japantown district, nicknamed Little Osaka or Little, Little Tokyo.

West Los Angeles Real Estate has given West Los Angeles a Walk Score of 87, Transit Score of 62, and Bike Score of 73. This means that residents have very good access to public transportation and to the neighborhood’s amenities and commercial establishments.

Residences in West LA are a mix of multifamily properties and single-family homes, found alongside commercial establishments that exude a vintage feel. There are various types of apartments and condos in a wide range of sizes and prices.

The ratio of renters to owners varies by location. To the east of the I-405, renters make up around 51% of the population. To the west, including the neighborhood of Sawtelle, renters are around 80% of the population. Over the years, this area has been gradually transforming from one dominated by single-family homes to a denser community with a high concentration of multifamily and mixed-use properties.

Dining, Shopping, Nightlife, and Major Attractions

West LA will take you back in time with its classic, small-town establishments, such as bakeries, soda fountains, independent movie houses, coffee shops, pubs, and diners.

Japantown in the neighborhood of Sawtelle is a mecca for authentic Japanese food, served in popular restaurants like the following:

  • Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle
  • Kiriko
  • Daikokuya

There are also restaurants on Sawtelle Avenue that serve other cuisines, such as Thai.

Other Japanese-inspired establishments in Sawtelleare:

  • Giant Robot – a pop culture mall
  • Japanese-style pubs
  • Karaoke studios

The retail strip, Wilshire Boulevard,offers world-class shopping for West LA residents and visitors.

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