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Just like its namesake Italian city, Venice, CA features man-made canals winding through the residential portion of this historic resort town. While the canals no longer serve as the main thoroughfares they were intended to be, they remain one of the town’s major attractions.

Originally known as Venice of America, this beachside community is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region and the country. Venice boasts a culture that’s uniquely its own, reflecting its colorful history and the diverse groups of people who have lived here through the years.

In the 1950s and 60s, Venice came to be known as the home of the Beat generation. To this day, it is considered a haven for artists and musicians, with its own brand of lovable eccentricity.

While Venice’s artistic vibe is one of its defining characteristics, its mild sunshiny climate, and wide beaches have also made it the perfect home for sports and fitness lovers, as well as anyone who enjoys an outdoorsy lifestyle.

Fast Facts

  • Venice was founded in 1905 by tobacco magnate Abbot Kinney, and was an independent city until it became a Los Angeles neighborhood in 1926
  • The neighborhood is located in Los Angeles’ Westside, and lies between Santa Monica and Marina del Rey along the Pacific Ocean.
  • As of the latest Census data, it has an estimated population of 35,850.
  • The median household income is $86,579, which is almost 1.5x that of the state median.
  • The median age of residents is about 40 years.
  • The neighborhood’s busiest section is Venice Beach, a public space that includes the beach and the attractions around it.
  • A large percentage of the population are artists and designers, or work in entertainment, sports, andmedia.

Los Angeles CA Real Estate

Venice is divided into smaller neighborhoods that pack plenty of charm and history. Homes in Venice are largely single-family residences, but there’s also a good number of low to mid-rise multifamily properties and townhomes, particularly in neighborhoods closer to the beach. Around 65% of Venice residents are renters.

The sub-neighborhood of Venice Beach includes not only the beach and the commercial facilities around it, but also the densest residential area in the community. Oceanfront properties are mostly luxury condos and apartments, with the finest amenities and appointments.

Non-oceanfront properties offer more affordable but equally charming options. Higher density multifamily properties are found in North Beach, while smaller ones –mostly composed of two to three units–are found in the rest of the neighborhood.

Dining, Shopping, Nightlife, and Major Attractions

There are many things to see and do in this vibrant neighborhood. The ocean is a major source of activity, whether you are inclined to relax on the beach or to engage in various water sports.

Venice Beach boasts a myriad of attractions:

  • The Venice Beach Boardwalk, also known as the Ocean Front Walk, is a promenade stretching two miles along the beach. It is Southern California’s 2nd most visited destination, averaging more than 10 million visitors a year.
  • Muscle Beach Venice – an outdoor weightlifting facility
  • Sports facilities, such as basketball, handball, paddle tennis and beach volleyball courts
  • Venice Breakwater – a popular surfing spot
  • Skate Dancing Plaza
  • Fishing piers and bike trails
  • Shops, pubs and restaurants

Other attractions in Venice include:

  • Abbot Kinney Boulevard – a well-known retail strip
  • The Venice Canals – listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Chaya Venice – part of a historical restaurant chain serving Japanese-French cuisine

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