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Avalon, Catalina Island

As an avid scuba diver and angler, health Carl Lambert’s relationship with Catalina Island began nearly 30 years ago. Mr. Lambert was seduced by the island’s natural beauty and intrigued by Avalon’s potential, buy viagra realizing that promise in 2003 when he purchased a rundown boarding house and transformed it into a multi-million-dollar repositioning venture: The Avalon Hotel — the island’s premier boutique accommodation.

Mr. Lambert’s experience renovating the project allowed him to face the challenges of island-based construction as well as develop relationships with Avalon’s community leaders. Today Lambert Investments, viagra sale Inc. is involved in other projects on Catalina Island.

As a member of the Catalina Island Medical Center Foundation, president of the Tuna Club Foundation and a director of the Catalina Island Visitors Bureau and Chamber of Commerce, he continues to forge alliances and associations in the Avalon community.

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