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Governor Signs Statewide Rent Control Bill into law

A few minutes ago, Governor Newsom signed AB 1482 which provides rent control and just cause eviction protections. There are many provisions that will impact you. However, for most of the state and Los Angeles and Santa Monica, the provisions s...

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California’s Housing Shortage

California’s housing shortage is real and it’s severe. Most blame the crisis on ‘supply and demand’…the demand is obvious, the supply is the real issue. Why are we not building more, what is stopping housing growth? The fact is that C...

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Tip For Investment Property Owners

We all use energy in our daily lives. It is as unavoidable as taxes. However, what many do not know is that researchers have determined that almost 40% of global energy has been linked to living/working space. We put our heads together and c...

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Round Two in the California Rent Control Fight

Just when “the people have spoken” and voiced their displeasure of Prop 10, the specter of rent control rears its ugly head again. Despite the landslide defeat of a Prop 10 on the statewide ballot, the fight between tenants and housing inte...

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California’s New Gold Rush for Housing

California has it all. Perfect weather, a laid back lifestyle, a robust economy and the beach, but there is a dark side to the California dream. Extreme lack of affordable housing tops that list along with, stifling taxation and several other f...

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