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Best indian pharmacies for ED treatment in Los Angeles

Many customers cannot understand why the prices at the local pharmacy differ from an online pharmacy? The answer is simple – in large cities, renting costs to open a pharmacy takes away a large income share. This is one of the factors that influence the price. Because an Internet pharmacy has no rental and utility costs, the price can be lower, which is more profitable for the client.

Brent-Air Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.8) 134 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049, United States (310) 476-2211

Everything you want from a pharmacy, and even more than you’d expect. Great staff, caring service, very understanding of their customer’s needs. They will go out of the way to make sure you get what you need.

The LACK of customer service is incredible. I called to confirm my son’s Rx was in stock. Then I was asked what Doc wrote the script. He is in Newnan, and I live in Carrollton…. I was advised that I would need to drive back to Newnan or Peachtree City (22+ miles) to have it filled because they are not familiar with the Doc who wrote it… A Piedmont Physicians doc, as in Piedmont Hospital, the largest hospital conglomerate in Ga… So I called Kroger asking if I could fill it there with an “out of town” doc… Amazing that Kroger said it was no problem, just some computer work or a phone call… After phoning Brent-Air Pharmacy back and calling them out on their BS and laziness, miraculously, the story changed… Do yourself a favor and skip this pharmacy if possible.

ViaQX Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.2) 4401 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90037, United States (323) 231-9307

I have never visited a pharmacy that made you feel more at home. The staff goes above and beyond to make you feel like you matter. I’ve been going here for many years, and it’s nice when you walk in, and they greet you by your name. Best pharmacy around!

Viaqx is a first-class pharmacy, the way they used to be. Everything on a personal level. If you need a wheelchair or any type of transport equipment, they have an awesome showroom, including lift chairs.

California Medical Pharmacy (Google Rating: 3.9) 2201 W Temple St, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States (213) 413-2343

Very happy I found this pharmacy. The staff and service are amazing! I won’t use any other pharmacy!

I was a customer of California Medical Pharmacy for a long time. I became a customer when Ron was the owner. A few months ago, I had to change pharmacy due to a change in insurance. When I informed the pharmacy about the change, I was told that they would not allow me to take MY prescriptions until all balances were paid by me or the insurance. In other words, they kidnapped my prescription. Finding myself in a scary position because I can’t go without my prescriptions, I decided to pay the $2200 out of pocket, which was the balance owed. I told them not to file with the insurance because I would file it to receive the reimbursement. Not only did they file it, but they also received the money, and now they refuse to return it. I have tried on 4 different occasions to talk to the owner, but he refuses to explain why they are keeping my money. Now that Jason took over, the place is not the same.

Vons Pharmacy (Google Rating: 4.6) 4520 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States (323) 662-2121

This is the only pharmacy my family will ever use. They are the best around questions always answered, and always fast friendly service amazing people we absolutely love them.

Terrible experience almost every other visit. I’ve been a loyal Vons Pharmacy customer for years. I switched to this pharmacy several years back after our location had a remodel and got a drive-thru. I like how you build points towards gas discounts when you shop with them. This includes their pharmacy too. I try and be nice every month when I have to pick up my medicine. The workers in the pharmacy are almost always rude and condescending even when there is no “hick-up” with the pick-up process, which there usually always is. I dread going to this pharmacy every month because there is something wrong with my order almost every time… “Sorry, sir, the order is not available yet…” Even though I just received a message saying it was ready for pick up. I come back the next time I have free to come to pick it up, and they say, “That order has been put back.” Well, I’m sorry, Susan! I don’t have open availability to come by at your convenience to pick up my heart medication! Maybe if you had better hours, I could come by after I get off work at 9:30 pm and get my medication.

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