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City of L.A is Going Too Far! Proposals Need More Protections!

We will continue to keep you informed & Urge You To Contact City Council Immediately

The city of L.A is Going Too Far! Proposals Need More Protections!

Dear Housing Provider,
Contact L.A. City Council Today! Tell them you oppose items
1 & 2! These proposals need more protections for housing providers.
The L.A. City Council will once again consider harmful proposals that have had no discussion and will amplify the economic hurt that is taking place due to COVID-19. Every owner must take action and ensure those who care about housing get involved.
Item 1: Seeks to extend a rent increase freeze in rent-controlled properties for over a year after the emergency declaration is lifted. *There is no definite date for the lifting*
Item 2: Seeks to give tenants a private right of action against a landlord. This will create a cottage industry of lawsuits against owners!
You can read the full agenda HERE!
The City Council needs to insert safety mechanisms into these emergency ordinances that protect housing providers.
We encourage you to use our customized communication and advocacy system by clicking the button above. If you prefer, you may also use the template we’ve provided below. Please send your email to:
Council President, Nury Martinez:
213 473-7006
Gil Cedillo:
213 473-7001
Paul Krekorian:
213 473-7002
Bob Blumenfield:
213 473-7003
David Ryu:
213 473-7004
Paul Koretz:
213 473-7005
Monica Rodriguez
213 473-7007
Curren Price
213 473-7009
Marqueece Harris Dawson:
213 473-7008
Herb Wesson
213 473-7010
Mike Bonin
213 473-7011
John Lee
213 473-7012
Mitch O’Farrell
213 473-7013
Joe Buscaino
213 473-7015
Jose Huizar
213 473-7014
Dear Honorable Council President and Members,
As a housing provider in L.A., I urge you to modify items 1 & 2! Protections for rental property owners must be inserted into these proposals.
I understand the pandemic has created a great deal of uncertainty for Angelenos. I am doing everything I can to be part of the solution to this unprecedented crises but these proposals are being rushed without proper assessment.
Item 1 is an indefinite freeze on rent increases. We do not know when the emergency declaration will be lifted but we do know there will be phases to opening the economy. We understand earlier actions taken to prohibit rent increase but this goes too far and is not dependent on COVID related impacts. A review period and definite date should be set. Regulations can always be extended upon proper review and assessment.
Item 2 will not further the Council’s goal of providing relief to tenants. It will create an industry of private lawsuits, which only line the pockets of plaintiff’s attorneys. We understand the need for enforcement mechanisms, but there are better alternatives.
I urge you to work with housing providers to find reasonable solutions. I have instituted payment plans, deferred rent, highlighted resources and halted rent increases. Many housing providers are facing tenuous financial circumstances that is putting their finances in serious jeopardy and will affect all contractors, suppliers and employees of these communities. We need protections and assistance as well.
I recognize everyone is struggling but this goes too far. I respectfully ask the council to take a more reasoned approach to items 1 & 2.
Thank you for your consideration.
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